Rainier Compassionate Counseling, PLLC is a place for children, adolescents and adults who are in search of emotional wellness.  Rainier Compassionate Counseling of Maple Valley provides expert, developmentally appropriate care that is individualized, mindful and culturally aware.  When you have struggled to figure out problems on your own without improvement, counseling provides a means of obtaining a fresh perspective.  You might have specific concerns, such as intrusive worries or feelings of sadness, or you might have concerns that extend to others, such as parent-child conflict or marital tension.  If you have reached a point at which you feel you could benefit from support, Rainier Compassionate Counseling offers a warm environment in which you can share your personal story.  You can trust that your psychologist will provide care that is based on best clinical practices.  Getting started today in psychotherapy will lead to a reduction in symptoms and a lifelong journey of emotional wellbeing.


What is therapy?

Psychotherapy facilitates healthier living by working toward mutually agreed upon goals.  It is a collaborative approach to making improvements, and it starts with empathy.  When you enter therapy, you will not be judged.  Instead, you will find an atmosphere of understanding and acceptance.  You can also rest assured that the details of what we discuss will be kept in the strictest of confidence.

Therapy begins by simply learning about you.  Therapists are trained to listen carefully and ask pertinent questions.  This process of information gathering is conducted with great sensitivity and proceeds at a pace that is within your comfort zone.  Over time, insight is gained into patterns that are repeated and self-defeating.  These patterns are treated as hypotheses and tested.  This process occurs within the safety of the therapeutic relationship.

Therapy at Rainier Compassionate Counseling is evidenced-based.  Evidence-based treatments have undergone scientific evaluation and research.  There are several different methods and approaches to therapy that are recognized as effective.  Personally, I utilize a form of therapy called cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).  CBT challenges destructive forms of thinking about yourself and the world and modifies unwanted behaviors in order to alter how you feel.  Treatment can also involve components of mindfulness, distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness and emotional regulation.  Ultimately, clients develop a deeper awareness of what is happening in their minds and bodies. These combined approaches often achieve long-lasting cognitive, emotional, and behavioral results that transform lives.



Dr. Rosenkoetter graduated with a double major in psychology and sociology from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.  In 2001, she earned her Ph.D. from the University of Detroit Mercy.  She completed her APA-approved doctoral internship at Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital, during which time she specialized in emergency interventions and inpatient psychiatric care.  Upon graduating, Dr. Rosenkoetter worked in a government-based non-profit mental health clinic for at-risk youth, where her work primarily focused on assessing and providing recommendations to the Sixteenth Judicial Circuit Court of Illinois.  She also served as a contractor for the Illinois Department of Child and Family Services:  Dr. Rosenkoetter provided psychological assessment of children, adolescents and adults for diagnostic evaluation and treatment planning. Dr. Rosenkoetter also has performed pre-employment psychological screening of public safety applicants to Chicago Police Department.  Rounding out her evaluation experience, Dr. Rosenkoetter worked as a Washington State Department of Social and Health Services psychological disability evaluator.

Beyond her expertise in psychological assessment, Dr. Rosenkoetter developed an extensive background in individual, couples, family and group therapy.  Her past experiences include such diverse settings as emergency rooms, inpatient hospitals, and residential treatment facilities.  Dr. Rosenkoetter also worked as an adjunct professor in the Master’s program at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.  For nearly the last ten years of her experience, however, Dr. Rosenkoetter has concentrated her efforts in private practice.  Her focus has been to provide high quality counseling care to patients on an outpatient basis.  Her experience covers many areas, including women’s issues, mood and anxiety disorders, trauma recovery, childhood behavioral issues, family and marital stress, anger management, grief and loss, elder mental health, and school and work concerns.  Dr. Rosenkoetter understands the importance of integrated care and works closely with medical providers to address physical problems that have an emotional impact (e.g., chronic pain, diabetes, sleep problems, obesity, infertility).  She is dedicated to continuing her education and providing the highest standard of care to her patients.

More generally, Dr. Rosenkoetter understands there is a great need for mental health services in the Maple Valley area.  She is a dedicated resident of the community.  When not working, Dr. Rosenkoetter enjoys spending time with her husband, two sons and dog.  She enjoys reading, running and hiking, and spending time outdoors in nature.






To get started, simply call my office and state that you would like to schedule an initial appointment.  Please feel free to leave a confidential voicemail in the event that I am unavailable to answer the phone.  I will return your call within 24 hours to schedule.  Generally, I try very hard to schedule an appointment with you within a week of your first call. Time-sensitive needs are given prompt attention.  If I am unable to provide the support you need, I will try to provide an appropriate referral.

Psychotherapy sessions are by appointment only with day, evening and Saturday availability.  Coverage for service depends on your insurance plan.  Many plans provide some coverage for psychological services, but there is variability in terms of deductibles and co-pays.  For your convenience, I will submit your claims for you.  Deductible and copayments will be collected at the time of service.  For clients paying cash, discounts may be available.

Existing clients may access the client portal to schedule.  Click here.